Monday, December 19, 2011

Linda R. Winter: Honoring Inner Wisdom

By:Diana Hinojosa

Being mid-life and going back to school can be really intimidating for some people, but for Linda R. Winter, it was what she needed to do when she realized what she was really passionate about.

“I was always considered a good listener, which made me consider therapy,” said Linda, “But I realized it was about being part of conversations that you cannot be in other professions.”

She recalls an article in which the author stated that people in the healing professions are attempting to continue their own form of therapy. She connected wit this idea very strongly due to some of her life experiences that have also encouraged her to become the therapist she is today.

For Linda, therapy is a way of becoming “impacted”.

She said, “There is a way of being present, it is about the process of therapy that is personally satisfying.”

Linda considers it a “joy and a privilege” to be a part of people that are brave enough to take a hard look at themselves, even when they are approaching it with timidity.

“It inspires me when people are willing to ask themselves those hard questions, when I can notice how much change has taken place in a person, and how the relationship with their parts has shifted,” said Linda.

She disagrees with people that view therapy as a “math formula” because Linda believes it is more of a continuum and that the person can become free of crisis when he or she has gained a new perspective.

As she remembers numerous clients to which this has happened to, Linda acknowledges that the most rewarding experiences are when a client really opens up and they have the courage to change their lives.

“One of the universal experiences is about how related everything is. It is great to come into focus with them but then we realize that other parts of ourselves are connected and that is very satisfying,” said Linda.

More than anything, Linda seeks to create acceptance, an absence of judgment, and a setting in which “compassion can really blossom.”

“I really do believe we have the ability to heal,” said Linda, “Helping a client sort through the clutter can help them learn how to access their inner wisdom. This is the heart and soul of therapy. This makes sense in the real world.”

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  1. Linda
    I consider it a "joy and a privilege" to have you on staff at The Awakening Center. Your clients are so lucky to have you there to help them feel safe enough to ask those tough questions.
    Amy Grabowski, MA, LCPC