Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Am I Weird?"

Last Sunday, one of my favorite movies was aired on television. I looked forward all week to watch it. The movie was Stand By Me based on a book by Steven King. Set in 1959, in the summer before they start jr h.s., it is a story about four boys who walk along a railroad track for many miles to see a dead body. Teddy and Vern are goofy and immature. The main character, Gordie just lost his beloved older brother - at his brother's funeral his father laments, "It should have been you instead." Gordie's best friend Chris comes from a very troubled family and can't get a break simply because of his family's reputation.

Why do I love this movie? There are so many scenes in this movie I love, some funny, some sad, some poignant - but the main part I love boils down to four simple lines of dialog. As they walk down the railroad tracks, Gordie and Chris are talking; Gordie turns to Chris and asks, "Do you think I'm weird?"

Chris quickly replies, "Definitely."

Gordie asks again, "No man, seriously. Am I weird?"
Okay, think about it. If you asked your best friend this question, what answer would you want to hear?

If your friend said, "No" would you believe them? Of course not! They are trying to spare your feelings.

Would you rather hear, "Yes?" Of course not! That would just affirm your deepest fear that you are weird and everyone knows it and judges you for it.

So what did Chris reply - he came up with the perfect answer, the answer I would want to hear if I asked a friend, "Am I weird?"

Chris replies, "Yeah, but so what? Everybody's weird."

Why is that the perfect answer? Because it's the truth! We are all weird! But so what! We all have something that is weird about us!

Maybe when we are not so afraid of being judged as weird, we can embrace our weirdness. We may even be able to celbrate what makes us uniquely weird! How weird is that!!!

It's a good movie - I'll bet you can rent it from the library. I'm sure you would enjoy it too.



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  1. I loved it! And I don't care how weird that is!!

  2. That takes a great weight off my shoulders. My 'weird' parts thank you

  3. I once asked a dear friend that question, "Am I weird" hoping he would say, "of course not!" but instead he responded: "of course you ARE, but that's why I love you!!"

    one of my favorite quotes: The only "normal" people are the ones you don't know very well

  4. @ Hillary
    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the quote.