Thursday, September 8, 2011

Embracing a Season of Waiting

“Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” John Updike

Often when I’m working with clients we discuss how to cope and process the emotions connected to a season of waiting. We talk about job changes, moving to a new city, finding a significant other, having a child and so on. There are things that each of us have a true desire for that frequently don’t come in the time or the way that we expected or imagined. We can end up feeling impatient, frustrated, angry or just hopeless. The importance of discussing the many feelings of this waiting time is so important. Obviously there are things that we are meant to know by the many emotions that we may feel in response to waiting for these things we are longing for. If we can be courageous enough to allow the anxiety, worry, or fear to have a voice it may amaze us what these feelings have to say. In allowing ourselves to know what these feelings are saying it gives us the chance to get our needs met while we keep working towards what we have imagined our life to look like. In order to feel the peace we crave we need to actually begin to feel what is there. In getting distance from our emotions and not being taken over by them we can get back to today. We can find the purpose and experiences that we were meant to encounter now. We can get back to the present while holding firmly to the hope for what we yearn for in our futures. We can experience what is intended for us today and perhaps what may be preparing us for the dreams of tomorrow. Now admittedly all of this is much simpler to write and to discuss than to practice. It requires a consciousness of redirecting our attention to what we do have a say in while remaining hopeful and encouraged. Often these seasons of waiting are made more bearable if we invite others along the journey with us. Sharing the struggles and feelings with significant people in our life allows them to be there to support and encourage us. They offer support also by simply listening as this brings us out of the isolation and silent suffering that can accompany these times. Seasons of waiting are challenging. They can test our patience, faith and the hope of realizing what we expected for our lives. They can also be our richest blessings as we reaffirm our strength, aspirations and the support we have as we journey on. My hope for you is that if you are in a season of waiting you will allow others to support you, give yourself permission to experience your emotions and hold firm to all that you hope for while experiencing what is intended for you today.

Jennifer Schurman,

Jennifer Schurman MA, LCPC sees clients for individual therapy at The Awakening Center. She is a marriage and family therapist who also sees couples and families. She runs the Women's Eating Disorder Therapy Group on Monday evenings. For more information call, (773) 929-6262 x20.


  1. I find it so hard to wait! I have to remind myself that whatever I am waiting for will come in it's own time, and fretting doesn't make it come any faster.

  2. Jenn, you are a wonderful writer. These words went right to my spirit. As hard as they are to read, and to practice, they are a beacon of truth that I can't dismiss.

    AUGH HOW SCARY IS IT TO FEEL?!?! I've spent my entire life running away from my feelings, thinking I was sparing myself, only to find out 1/2 way through that I've been so disconnected from all that's true!

    Thank you for the "permission" to feel... even in it's scariest moments... xoxoxO!!!